Life Groups

Our History

Founded in 1992 by Pastors Tony and Terese Rea, Community Christian Church (CCC) held its first service on February 2, 1992 at Burr Elementary School located on Ryan Road just north of 18 Mile in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Following a very enthusiastic new church launch with many supportive attendees, the congregation settled in at a modest 30-35 members. For the next 7 years, Community Christian Church operated as a mobile church, setting up and tearing down in rented facilities each week. In 1993, just one year after start up, the church purchased 3.6 acres of vacant property on Ryan Road. In 1998, architectural drawings and plans for a 9,000 square foot multi-use building were submitted to the City of Sterling Heights for approval. In May 1999, the church took occupancy of their new Phase 1 building (currently used as the “Youth Center.”) With the first worship service in Phase 1 happening on May 16, 1999. It was a time of great celebration; we finally had a place to call home.

Once in our own church building, steady growth soon led to a congregation of about 300. Additional staff members were required to help oversee the needs of our growing congregation. The growth continued and in 2001 CCC added a second Sunday morning service. By the Spring of 2002, three Sunday morning services were needed to accommodate the church family. The rapid growth in those years led the church to purchase additional land, 6 acres of adjoining property, and plans were drawn up for a sizable addition to the Phase 1 building. The addition included a beautiful 1,000 seat theater style sanctuary, a substantial children’s wing, and office space. The Phase 2 building was completed in the summer of 2005 and on Father’s Day June 19th, 2005, the whole church worshipped together in our new sanctuary for the first time.

February 2, 2017 marked a huge milestone for CCC, 25 years in ministry! On Sunday, March 19, 2017 a special 25 year anniversary celebration was held. It was a day of great rejoicing as we rehearsed the goodness and faithfulness of our God over the past 25 years and looked forward to what God has planned for CCC in the future.

Our Mission

“Community Christian Church exists to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone the Lord sends our way, with the mission to turn people of no faith, little faith, or the wrong faith into fully-devoted followers of Jesus Christ.”

Our Values

The culture and atmosphere of CCC is founded on a desire to live a life of pure love. We’ve captured this culture in our tagline, “Love God, love people, love life.” Here’s what we mean by that:

Love God

We are called to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength. We want to put God first in every area in our lives! We live lives of prayer, dependence on and obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ – according to the standards set forth in the Bible. We love to give to God, and look for opportunities to do so – in our money, time, talent, and availability.

Love People

We want to have true fellowship with one another, and express our love in service to others. True fellowship happens when people are known, cared for and held accountable in their Christian walk with the Lord. Relationships with others are essential! We cannot thrive in our walk with God without proper human relationships. Therefore, we continually seek to connect with every individual that we come in contact with.

Love Life

Jesus came to give us a more abundant life! We are a church that believes that Christianity provides freedom from worldly baggage! A person finds fulfillment in life when they discover who they are in Christ, connect with other believers and use their gifts and talents to serve others.