Inside Out

Our youth ministry at Community Christian Church is designed to be a youth movement with reckless passion for God! Our Goal is that God would fill us with His Spirit and truth every Sunday morning so we can be empowered with boldness to minister outside the four walls of the church. In Acts 4 the disciples came together as a body of believers for prayer and worship. They prayed that God would enable them to speak truth with great boldness. The place where they were meeting was shaken and they were filled with the Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly. Our vision is that every Sunday morning God would fill us with His Spirit and give us a boldness to be effective ministers wherever we go.

Core Values

• We have a reckless passion for God.
• We do life together.
• We know and care for people.
• We all shoulders the load.
• We are authentic.

When we exercise these core values the possibilities of what Christ can do through us are Limitless.

Sunday (10 AM) youth services

Limitless High School Ministry

Sunday Mornings

Every Sunday morning we have youth cultured services designed for young people to encounter God through worship, prayer, God’s word and fellowship. We are here to meet with God, grow spiritually, build godly relationships and get inspired to be used by God.

Events, Retreats, Outreach, and Missions

Our goal with our events and retreats is so teens can connect with God but also connect with their peers in a fun way! They can strengthen their relationship with God and with one another and have a blast doing it. We also have outreaches and mission trips planned each year!

Ministry Possibilities

We love when teens use the gifts and talents that God has given them to serve in the local church. We offer plenty of opportunities to serve in our ministry. We have 3 ministry possibilities; Arts, Hospitality, and Discipleship.

Sunday (10 AM) youth services

Ignition Jr High

Sunday Mornings

On Sunday mornings students get the chance to participate in praise and worship, but we don’t stop there. We teach and encourage students to move forward in their faith with God.


We are really big on fellowship in Ignition. Each year students look forward to our winter retreat at Spring Hill, all-night lock-ins, our annual “Christmas in July” pool party, and monthly activities that are designed to give students the opportunity to build lasting friendships with other Christians their age.