Cambodia Projects:

CCC has teamed up with local missionaries through Empowerment Advocates International with a vision to impact the country of Cambodia with a 3-pronged approach. The projects we are currently involved in are:
1. LIFE Center:
The Life Center in the Kandal Province is home to 33 children, 10 staff members and provides schooling for over 300 students. At the Life Center children receive education, protection and a caring, loving environment. Upon graduation students are also afforded the opportunity to continue their education by going onto college or ministry school with YWAM.
2. TAKEO Center:
The Takeo Center will be the primary focus of our 2016 Missions Trips as we seek to support the Center and the church that meets there as well. Here, 53 children are educated in language, math, and biblical studies. This Center also serves the community as its Rec Center and local Church.
3. SAFE house:
We’re currently building a SAFE house that is set to open October 2016! This will be a haven for girls’ ages 8-12 who are survivors of human trafficking. At the SAFE house they will receive both physical and spiritual aftercare, therapy, education and a loving family environment. The ultimate vision is to also add a school, fish farm, and training center on the property.


Aletheia International

Missionary: Abdu Murray
Abdu Murray is the North American Director and Senior Itinerant Speaker for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM). RZIM’s mission is to “Help the Thinker Believe and the Believer to Think.” Abdu carries out this mission with RZIM by speaking at open forums, dialogues, and debates at universities, political arenas, and churches. Abdu lives in the Detroit, Michigan area and attends Community Christian Church with his wife Nicole and their three children.


Compassionate Touch International

Missionary: Daniel Budzinski
Compassionate Touch International is committed to touching the world with the compassion of Jesus Christ. CTI is dedicated to bringing revival through city-wide crusades, unifying government, and building the local church with evangelistic outreach support. CTI desires to develop the community around the local churches with fresh-water wells, food, and medical relief. CTI has an urgency to reach the lost and promote true and authentic discipleship.


Project: Pharmacy

Community Christian Church has partnered with the Rhema Int’l Medical Center in Bocozelle, Haiti, (approximately 70 miles north of Port-au-Prince,) providing food, water, medical supplies, health and spiritual support to 50,000 people living in the Artibonite Valley. Free health exams are performed on all children up to the age of 5 and all children receive free vaccinations for malaria, tuberculosis, and typhoid fever. Pre-natal care is given to expecting mothers and a well-equipped maternity ward provides safe and sanitary conditions for childbirth. The hospital pharmacy that we built in 2011 is fully functioning and serving the community! Looking ahead, we hope to offer community health education, discipleship, and short term mission projects.

Missionary: Kristie Chute
CCC has also partnered with Kingdom Kids Homes. Their mission is to rescue children who are orphaned and abandoned and to provide them with a safe place to call home. Their house in Haiti provides these children with a loving, family-like environment, clean water, 3 nutritious meals a day, a Christian education, medical care, and the opportunity to know Jesus Christ. By partnering with Kingdom Kids, our hope is to love and train these children to be disciples as well as teach them to do hands on ministry. We want to raise up the next generation of leaders to bring positive change to their nation and to impact it for Jesus Christ.



Missionaries: Rev. Lee Hyung Kuk and Family
Mountain Path Ministries: Donna Allison & Vicki Petersmarck

In Thailand, Lahu is one of 6 main hill tribes located in the mountain areas. With a population of about 100,000, their primary means of livelihood is farming. Even though the Lahu are living in Thailand, they are isolated from Thailand. They do not have nationality, common language, or legal protection. They just go on living in the northern high mountains with their own tradition, culture and language. Rev. Lee Hyung Kuk and his family have been working with the Lahu Tribe in Chiang Mai, (the northern part of Thailand) for 15 years. Under this mission, there are three mission centers which care for and educate children of all ages. Rev. Lee has also established 21 churches in the mountain villages along with a Christian seminary.
 In 2009, Mountain Path Ministries (MPM) was birthed. MPM teaches Christian Lahu women how to use the electric sewing machine. With this life skill, these women are able to share the gospel of the Lord Jesus in their own language while teaching sewing in their village.


Living Water Ministries

Missionaries: Matt & Angela Catinella
Just like American youth, the young people living in Uganda are surrounded by negative and dangerous influences, including alcohol and drug abuse, crime and immorality. For many of these teens, their only life instruction and guidance comes from what they learn from their peers. Living Water Ministries reaches out to teenagers by connecting with them through the public school system, offering a written curriculum relevant to their age and culture. In addition, Living Water is involved in a youth leaders training program, specifically designed to raise up mentors who in turn, instruct, teach, disciple and counsel younger teens. Community Christian Church is a financial sponsor of Living Water, helping with mission support, curriculum costs and youth leadership training manuals.


Missionaries: Dan & Rachel Smither

Community Christian Church is a financial partner with Key of Hope, a ministry designed to reach thousands of impoverished children stricken with HIV and AIDS in the provence of Durban, South Africa. Their goal is to empower these children with the love of God and transform them into ambassadors of change in their families, schools, and communities. They seek to accomplish this through long-term discipling relationships, ongoing household support, and provision for many daily necessities. Key of Hope desires to minister to the whole person whether it’s through providing meals, a pair of shoes, or spiritual discipleship. Their goal is to not only meet daily needs, but also disciple these children as Christian leaders and citizens.


Project: Orphanage

Community Christian Church opened an orphanage, that is now home to 50 young girls, and a fresh water well that will service both our home and the surrounding slum in Guntur, India in December of 2011! Through the Angel House Program, our girls will now be provided with a safe Christian home environment. They also receive three nutritional meals a day, plenty of CLEAN drinking water, a comfortable bed to sleep in, recreational activities, school uniforms, comfortable shoes and special gifts at Christmas. Additionally, our home is built on top of a Private Christian School for the poor and is right next door to a bible college, so they will all receive a quality education with an opportunity for further studies. To view photos of our Angel House Orphanage, Click Here.