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Freedom Project Objectives

By reducing our current debt, Community Christian will be able to aggressively move out beyond the walls of our church and impact countless lives with the Gospel message. Here are a few areas that we are currently targeting:

CCC Food Pantry

We would like to enlarge the existing Food Pantry Building and convert it into a Care Center. The future Care Center will provide food, clothing (especially for infants), hygiene products, medical care, and misc services (including prayer and Gospel presentation).

CCC Rescue House


We are working with EAI (Empowerment Advocates International), an established Christian ministry for victims of sex trafficking in Cambodia. EAI is currently building a Safe House in Pursat, Cambodia. CCC is financially involved in the construction and completion of that Rescue House dream project. (Pictured to the right.)

Fresh Water Wells

We would like to continue to drill fresh water wells in places of extreme poverty where water borne disease flourishes. We currently have wells in India, Peru, Cambodia, Haiti, and Mozambique.


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CCC Food Pantry