Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How is CCC different from other churches?

Community Christian Church is an independent, non-denominational church that teaches the authority of God’s Word. Our objective at CCC is to have a deep passion and reverence for God and a genuine love for each other.

How long is the church service?

A typical Sunday morning service is about 90 minutes.

How would you describe the music?

We enjoy music that is dynamic and upbeat! The congregational singing portion of the service blends contemporary and traditional music and provides a genuine, heartfelt atmosphere for praise and worship to God.

What kind of message am I going to hear?

Each week you will hear an inspirational Bible message that is both practical and spiritual. The Sunday morning sermon is designed to help you grow in your personal relationship with God, overcome adversity and live a life of joy and fulfillment.

What should I wear?

Some people like to dress up to go to church, while others like to dress more casually. It's up to you! Most people in our church dress in a "business casual" manner. Feel free to dress comfortably.

Will I feel welcome at CCC?

We sure hope you will! One of the main goals of our church family is to greet you with a smile and welcome you the first time you attend the church.

What is your statement of beliefs?

You may find a full description of our beliefs by clicking here.

How do I get connected?

There are many ways to connect at CCC. The first step is to stop by the Welcome Desk, pick up a brochure and fill out the visitor’s card. That will begin a process that will allow the church to recommend connection opportunities.

Does it cost money to become a member?

There is no cost or formal membership. We encourage all people who consider CCC their home church to attend the services and get involved in the different activities and ministries we offer.

Where does the offering money go?

We teach Biblical tithing and each week an offering is taken during the service. The money given in the offering plate meets the yearly church financial budget for ministry and allows us to be generous in our giving to the poor and needy. Visitors to our church are not expected to give to CCC, unless they are personally practicing the Biblical teaching of tithing.

Can I take communion?

At the last supper, just before He was crucified, Jesus instituted the blessing of the communion service, telling His followers, "Do this in remembrance of me." All believers are welcome to participate in the receiving of the communion bread and cup, even if they don't normally attend CCC.

Do I have to be baptized at CCC in order to attend the services?

We believe that baptism is both an act of obedience and a public declaration of faith in Jesus Christ. We recommend all believers participate in baptism by immersion but you do not have to be baptized at CCC in order to attend.

Does the Pastor make all the decisions?

The pastor does not make all the decisions at CCC. The governing body includes a team of elders, a board of financial directors and a pastoral staff.