I'm All In Kid's Reno

The "I'm All In Kid's Reno," is so much more than a children's wing renovation. It's an opportunity to visually declare value over our children as well as a chance to say to each family who walks through our doors, "We're your partner in brining the gospel to life with your child." 2018 is bringin with it a huge facelift for our children's wing! Check out the mock-ps below.



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Pray for our kids! Our greatest desire is to see young people grow up to be devoted followers of Christ with a passion to further his kingdom! 


This renovation will encapsulate several necessary areas of improvement we identified in our kid's wing. These areas include our self-check-in computers, the Welcome Point desk, the hallways, as well as every classroom. Each area has unique demands; whether it is technology needs, lighting adjustments, or functionality within its given space, we want to equip our teachers with the best options to minister to our children the best they can.  

(Above) First and foremost, we wanted to creat a space that would attract kids to their classroom. We want it to scream FUN right when they walk into church. Using bright colors, extra lights, and unique designs, kids will know, without a doubt, this area is for me!

(Above) With our professional architectural plan, we are ensuring we are using every square-foot to its maximum potential. This includes door placements, and room dimensions that will be adjusted to create a more conducive classroom space.

Our babies are a HUGE priority to us. We wanted their rooms to reflect a safe and comfortable space equipped with proper furniture and storage to provide the best care.

(Above) We will also upgrade the technology in the rooms to allow our teachers to utilize Blu-rays and music in their lesson.

Part of the technology upgrade will allow teachers to communicate both to you as a parent and to the Children's Ministry staff. In the case of emergency or a simple call for mom and dad, the teachers can message you directly from the classroom and never leave your child's side.

(Above) Each room will have a beam with a color sign attached to it identifying what room you are at. When you look down our new hallway, you will be able to see every room and know what age group belongs there.

(Above) We even want our bathrooms to feel like it's built for our kids. With bright and fun decals on the doors, we're adding some fun character to our kids wing!

On top of a cosmetic clean up, we are equipping every classroom with age and size-appropriate furniture and storage, all of which is color-coded for their room.